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Do sumn' TCB, Christopher L G Hill (*and guests) TCB 2015 ( 22 January - 07 February


 Kate Smith Passata, 2015 Oil, acrylic, glue, pasta and weevils                  

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level 1/12 waratah place

melbourne VIC 3000

Runs until until Feb 19 2011

ANOTHER YUMMY FANTASY II (A brief survey on some ideas behind Melbourne sculpture right now)

James Deutsher ‘Orange design’, Galvanised steel, powder coat, 120cm by 90cm, 2011

Liv Barrett ‘+13103596017’, ‘Hotel Theory’ letterhead, telephone number, Mateo Tannatt’s recording of piano falling from 80ft, Hammer Museum, A4, 2011

Christopher L G Hill ‘Title unknown’, various materials and dimensions, 2010-2011 NFS.

Ash Kilmartin ‘The travelling mime’, Leather and silk, 61 x 31cm, 2011

Joshua Petherick & Liv Barrett ‘Conceptual Midori (from arrangement series)’, Scanner, glass resin, glass, water, foliage, 29 x 36cm2011

Kate Smith ‘American hobo culture’, Oil on linen, 32 x 56cm, 2011

Alex Vivian ‘Scally (squashed against) glass”, Motorcross t-shirt, glass, 17cm x 3cm, 2011

minnie the moocha II
minnie the moocha