n e o - o r g a n i c o_ patronising inside outness are you getting it I'm helping you_

stupid as a painter, after those guys.

sorry crappy documantation. but you get the jist.

shy guy

why am I so shy at the moment.
it's silly...psychology suggests you should never edit what you are about to say. I feel small and failed. funny funny dumb. I am only posting about it cause i think i'm getting over it - emotions are hilarious in hindsight. I want my work to do hindsight. In my favourite old house in Can up on the grotty cold kitchen wall is a scrunched up note smooshed out agian, old blue tac bleeding through the corners. Ugly green pencil oval. It reads 'second best potato'. My nickname at art school, Kato Potato and sometimes just potato. I earnestly wrote the little drawing about boys and left it on the kitcehn table. I really really meant it. Ouch. On seeing it the next time scrunched it up - chucked it. embarrassed emabarrssed. When I found it again I was in a better mood- and it got a second chance- its made me laugh so, so much. What a pathetic potato am I! My old house mate likes to tell this story and gauge peoples reaction to my self hatred - he says people are a little awkward afterwards - shuffling on their feet- I don't get why, they don't get it. Don't we hate ourselves too.

farm land

these poor cats are not really tame - ferrals that dad has fallen in love with - he forces them inside- stands at the door waiting for them to come in and when they don't goes out and chases them and brings them inside. nuts. Then they get patting practice - held agianst their will on the dad's lap - their awkward and still and don't really give in to it. This has been going on for years since the little puss boys were kittens - their called bon and sai (bonsai ha ha). And they have some weird thing that makes there back ends sway, knocking themselves over often. We tease them about being pissed. Anyway, on the last trip home I have to report the progress - they are finally getting friendly and will willingly curl up on dad and follow you around were you go in the house. Dad's weird persistent love has paid off - payed out with two boozy falling boy brother cats.


have good times miss meredith. xx we will miss you. These photo's are from Jess's Bday, but oh well.

miss meredith is off to Europe. We had good times to wish her well last night. Ross is putting his own phone in slide at Gertude Street, opening on friday. Matthew Bradley toooo, i like this guy, liked his show in Canberra, boy art, got a neat painting from Geoff in a swap, painting of a grubby Richard larter book cover, paint dribbles to boot(y).
I told rose to put a great show proposal in at MGA - HA!
need to get on with making stuff for first draft group show---and are meant to be knitting a piece for some one who is comming to collect it in two weeks but can not decide on a sentence yet----yikes.


free assosciation-public programs and clip art in FIJI
cds for sale
. Jess has written a really great piece for Nick Devilins Sydney show
.I am in a show with Elvis Richardson!
.Giles' show at the narrows is good, his stuff is silly enough not to cool you out with the fluro
.Am going back to NSW for a couple of days
.I am even more convuluted than usual, see title above
.New studio at Kerr St, with mr. Clay, I've missed that guy.
.It's only just sinking in that my house mates, kinda, will be away for a long time from October, and new strangers will replace them
. I mess stuff up.


Does anyone read this, Does it matter
No one does, and it doesn't matter
I do, and I matter! free polls

old draft post and new one.

J O C K-T H O M A S-Smith my brother was in town saturday night. With his mate Charles. His nickname is Shotgun. We went to hells kitchen and boozed and danced a little. I woke the next day wincing at hasseling the bar staff to play Fleetwood Mac. Oh dear. The manager told Jock and I pretty cranky with us " we don't do dancing here" how funny. how true.
sorry sorry have not been writing so often. Went to see Pilot Projects screening of Melbourne Operatic a show that is over in New Zealand* at the moment. It was good - I liked seeing anna's video for her nanna again, and others didn't seem to notice seeing it again. I miss that in contemporay art and commerical shows, that you can't see something again. I think Kate and Michael's? (not sure if that is right) video was great. filmed on and mobile phone and made crappy by the tranfer to dvd i geuss. I liked that about it. (techno entropy? what!!??)it's a boy girl struggle - even more than a struggle and I geuss maybe you don't get that until the sound track stops and you can hear Kate's uncomfortable noises or maybe you notice earlier that they are not kissing/making out. I like how the song stops short of the video finishing. Have had that song, 'she's like the wind' stuck in my head since. It has some almost awkward, lyrics "she's outta my league" "I'm just a fool to beleive I have anything she needs". Plus the Dirty Dancing story, all these things are in it.

And I can not not metion the excellent Tom foolery of Ross.

*My little brother visited recently, he was talking about his time in New Zealand that he had gotten so drunk he had slept in a park in Christchurch overnight, funny boy-o.

red and green

  • above is the work of another Kate Smith. papillon thats french for butterfly you know. Her artist statement includes "Red is an exquisite ambassador for love and passion. ... Red cannot be defined...." I oddly kinda this kate smith, she is just like me at 13/14,, or even older but i don't want to admit it! pastels included.above 'free assosciation' from Joint Hassels.
    my work made it to canberra and is now up at Mt. Majura. Have tried out some photo's this time.

    its been V-cold to socialise and have not felt like it, it has been nicer to stay at home, keep warm, wear pj's, eat as much as I can, and snuggle into blue flannel sheets that mum has so kindly posted. I think visiting my sheddy-house a couple of weeks ago has shocked here into postage action.

    so, not going out much, but will go to Rose's screening at Loop bar, opposite Meyers Pl, of videos' she Jess and Meredith selected for a show in NZ. So some will be re-runs for locals, but i think its a nice group of stuffs.

    part of not going out to much- or just not trying way to hard to do everything! has been not trying to make work- deliberately leaving it alone for. well I originally said two weeks, but that two weeks has been going on for a while.... juts haven't stopped forcing it since school! just need to get over it and stop taking myself so seriously.

    looked at Bus studio, an after being really excited, and saying yes, whoops! Am not sure if I want to take it, but there is no lease or bond, sooo, I don't think I will take it. Something cheaper has come up and I might give that a go, also its with more people around in a big open plan place, and people I like. I think I get enough quite time at home if I want it, and have really missed school. I know that's pathetic, two years on! And when I was at school I liked to isolate myself - but hey the grass is allowed to always be greener. rigggggggght.


yeah- us Can Kids will only go out now its winter if its an outside!! party with a 40 gallon drum fire - whats that spicy red wine stuff? or chia or vodka, gypsy drums and cones...... or my prefered ... living in a big group house all together huddled over a fire place with the heater running also, still cold, with a guy house mate with lots of male friends to come by and booze with, but cones, always cones then trawling into pheono in the fog. or my favourite !! Digestive biscuits, blankets, fowl TV reception, depression and reality TV.


my head hurts heaps. caught up with that great lady Amita Kip and that clay guy last night. Kinda let jess down a bit, I feel bad, she had asked some boys to come with us to a party next door, but we went to hells for a brew on the way and got stuck there. Whoops! Ended up being just Amita and I and two boys. We did good cop bad cop, they kinda did the same. I am the Nice one and Kip was the insulta one, she is really good at it. Its her way of making mates! i kissed a boy. whoops! oh well! Oh No! i have to see him again real soon, yikes!!!

Went to accccccccca last night. I like the crappyness a lot, and don't mind the reading at all. Liked seeing acca be projecty, activity. like the content free form, free fall, thing they do, it opens out, its not a clear show all boxed like a paragraph up with a roommmy sheeety to sew it up good.
liked their daggy dancing in the back room - saw a penis, they are so gros aren't they! but that was hilarious-- a bit like the expression, just get on with it, or just get to it, its just an awsome summary of life and power, maybe.
want to go back to read it all well. Maybe being involved in the choir helped me get the show, maybe others don't have that access. whatever.
oh god! choir performance tomorrow------------------sorry no pics, but the greens fun right?