poor: whats written on the wood

poor you
all you gotta do
is put paint
on this picture
and wait for
the dolla dollars
to hit ya

make money make money
make money while
you can
cause it's
fickle and
and moves
away quick

Giorgio Morandi (1880 - 1964)

these are simple. Called 'still life' or 'natura morta' and are by the lovely Mr. Giorgio Morandi. He is always explained as, unsung, but I think people know, they just know about him quietly, and I think that suits him. They are so gentle, and the little glazed things are kissing and touching. Its free isn't it, he just let painting and paint in - and didn't worry about it - don't Po Mo on about it - just accepted it and worked it, again and again. I think that's delicious. and modest. Lucky painters.
I think he did things to Luc Tuymans pallet too. Tuymans had his first show in the empty deep end of a swimming pool. Glenn Sorensen at Kaliman now, has painted in that Tuymans way, but not so good, not so good painting. http://www.kalimangallery.com/web_pages/Frame_total.htm
is being alive?
a silly-cute thing.
a horrible accident we didn't mean to get involved in.
just some time we need to pass.
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clip art at first draft in Sydney



stuff can take time to get great. Contemporary art is a bit fast. I think its great that people by art work, but perhaps it should be more like putting some bucks in the collection plate, excitedly, not charity like but joyful 'woooooooooooo! that's great here is what I work for, have it, keep being an artist'. Drop the investment rot - level with me. I think that's how Peter Fay does it. But the 'collection' compulsion can be, be a bit to quick sometimes to. Making feels like writing a essay. I pick stuff up, work a bit, put it down, pick up another, change medium, don't get bored, keep up, look at an one done earlier, remind yourself of what you can do, fatten and fatten and fatten up. I learnt how to do this watching Dad fix machinary. Finding solutions form only in the location. Fill out your paragraphs - read the introduction - change the direction of argument with a new work, remember the complete gas of a thing you felt to make to start in the first place... so if something is taken from you, or defined or spoken for mid stride, you can be left naked to start again. To slog through the bottom place down in the dark again. To be left with out a reason to make, to not think that art should be done, to be held by being a perfectionist, lectures would say things like'zanny artist' and 'madame bodge' but I don't mean to be grotty. I don't think grotty is shocking. That's to toooo lame.

Sorry sorry, back to the start, so you have to hang out with something for it to get great. your own work and others. so with contemporary art you see it once and its gone, and if it's showed again people get appalled and hoity. But what if you saw Duchamps Mona Lisa with her moustache only once and at the time it was made? You'd think jerk, not because of the defacement, but because of the flippant callous reactionary empty jerkness of it. Though now moved through time it's gotten fat as, with everything.

if I fall on my face, it will be ok, it knows what to do!

quick quick get writing before to hangover slumps on you! its just starting to get busy in the cafe, that pretty pocket of just me and the rowdy cafe kids has gone. It feels irreseponsible here on the weekend, just me and the kids, no adults to supervise and keep it sensible, no real people. Jake and the cafe girls amp up on saturdays, flirting and chucking stuff around, juiced up with last nights booze and stories. And On Saturdays, there is Betty my favourite volunteer, she turns 80 at the end of August. She is blunt, but so softly spoken with a slow gentle Canadian accent that it is just so freaking adorable! It feels like home today, I can't leave this job. I would miss the computer so much. On Saturdays, I make my own coffee before the gallery opens, I make it slowlllllly, slowly squealing to coffee warm, gently patting the tiny jugs bum to counter to pack the milk down creamy, poor it in a squeezy way, squeeze it under the coffee shot skin so it plumps up but doesn't break. caramel ring and white white milk. It's lovley to change, to change back to milk after soy for so long.


so there was an article in the paper today that describes one of Paul Knights photo's at a Neon Parc as two folks cupping poo smells or something along those lines, I didn't get such a precisie thing, more just a grotty -whoops didn't mean to be alive-it just happened to me- struggle, but I don't mind if it is that, as the day goes on it growing on me, I just hope that neon parc got to feed that to the paper and he didn't just make it up. I think Paul Knights titles are beatiful - sad.

'why do all the canberra people have to stick together' we hang out because we are friends. I am sure that everyone hase moved here for new things, and a new sized town and yes, maybe even a re-distribution f friends, but that cycles around in Can to. But I geuss moving to Melbs is not about burning bridges "HELLO MY NEW FANTASTIC LIFE _ HERE I AM WORLD!" style. That's a quote from sweet Dan bello-o who has been in town for the last couple of days, really nice to have him here, surprise style, and miss Margareeeeeeeettt. ANd welcome Tim-boon too.


check out what the gertude resident has to say about ussssss.

try rty

so someone has posted a weird comment as a link on my last post - it hooks up to a page that says 'kato's attack and kill". nuts. I've seen this dooozey before. Hope they were joking, pretty sure they were or they are wak. But the thing is this time I can't quite work out who posted it. know its a canberra kid, still living there, but which one. There blog is actually pretty good, intense, but good writing.

Went to Uplands last night to see David Griggs, it was a good night in a cold wet slowed down way. I don't feel that excited to write about Griggs. It may take a couple of days, or not. God it was big - and so are the price tags.....but your not meant to notice the bickys right (how). I missed his bits of magazines stuck onto it, but they were good - good dvd, don't know about the sculpture, but what the heck. But I guess what interests me is - is it comfortable or uncomfortable, his relationship with the people he has met in Manila and collaborated with? The co-author of these works doesn't get a Guernsey - doesn't get a name, Lerma in the room sheet writes 'commissioned from a movie advertisement painter the artist befriended in Manila' . I find this a bit not so great. But perhaps this is petty and says more about the writer of the room sheet than Griggs intentions. Perhaps it's not a collaboration but the same as any artists that commisions skills from others to get there work made, and theses people are nvere credited (Koons, Piccinini) But this thing brings to mind Daniaus (sp?) and his East Timor caper. But I have to admit that conflict in East Timor is clearer to me than what it is in the Philippines. And these are not reasons to not have the works/actions around. I am attracted by the content - that someone, these artists have noticed it. Stuffs always a project - a go at something. But maybe I need to do my research. Perhaps I am not so good. perhaps I am the one outta line - all those artists who go up there are the same and up there is all the same big messy Asia. But scooping it up and brining it back?

So maybe this is Griggs thing in a way - not the facts of what's happening in Manila - he mucks with the third world?

RIP meyes place and me

oh my my, i just checked the polly and there a 6 votes! better pick up the standard- jeeezzz -

no thinking, no talking 2007

  • There is a song that plays at work, I hear it a couple of times a day, it's not so good - but some lyrics are "I'm not a soldier" chanted over as a chorus- I like that - I am daggy with music, you perhaps know who it is? 'I will endeavour to get over myself more' is also a bit of a catch phrase of the day to, well the end of the day, to fix up the first half of the day!

  • My work comes down from Meyers Place today

  • So excited about my new studio and group show in the Sydney Town

  • Wish wish I could go to Neon Parc opening tomorrow, but we have an opening at work to of Lee Miller, uncomfortable stuff from WWII (that that abbreviation exists awful) - Paul Knights stuff really does it for me, in a scares the bejesus out of me and feel a bit sick and sad - like an inherited sadness or a heading towards sadness. How does he get them to do that? He is the only photographer who knows how to use models I think.
  • and there looks like there is a good one opening on the same night, above the carlton hotel by the lead guy from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, I have to tell JEss.
  • Bethany somfink? is throwing taco's at helen hunt in the hell's kitchen alleyway? Don't know about this, if it's dumb or not, speaking of hell's kitchen I might just have crush on the Moustache-y barman at hell's who calls me Fleetwood Mac....perhaps perhaps
  • What is this like a mysapce wall whatever? whoops! I am just excited casue I have friday off. will be nice
  • David Griggs! David Griggs! at Uplands on friday woooooooooo! i told someone about this opening and they got really excited, it's nice to see that. bless the newcomers with their unjaded hearts.
  • wanna go to fab diamonds gig that night tooo ...