rectangular, no triangular

posting off a copy of 'Heavan and Earth' to the farm. will make for some interesting discussion when I go home I bet. I like Lisa and Sam's show at Hell, I like that they went little, less gawdy, Greatist Hits video of some shearer install dude putting up there work is hell swell. Install dudes, gangs of shearers. Jock is in QLD managing a portfolio of Cattle properties. Beff is going 'ganbusters' he says. Agri-business hey? I wanna go up and get stoned with beef giants sons. I am pretty stuck into my ideas of the old money high life, polo and drugs please. Art does seem to ignore sex. I have stolen this idea, because I think it's a good one. Fiction is up in it, but not exhibitions. Dirty shows would be nice. I heart the white-cube, turns things into art, don't like sight-specific, it's a bit daggy, whiter than white thanks. didn't like Cockatoo Island, nothing in that show really dealt with that space, just borrowed its cred, forget history, forget local and forget community that feeds into whitey patriotic, get Liberal, don't join a team, not even the anarchists, the world will obnly fix up perhaps if we are allowd to not join teams, that we don't have to homogonise to sought out the environment, but that environmental decisions be a system infastructure underneath to just get the hell on with he we be over the top. Perhaps 'Heavan and Earth' has something, of course we will be wiped out one day, and so we should, hey why not, perhaps 'saving the earth' doesn't have to be about saving our own arses but more about not being jerks hey, there is something so consumer about how we are going about it. Just remember, I'm not the phoney your the phoney, jerk xx