you're the cunt,donut
has photography rendered figurative art pointless?

" no art is pointless. I had that Immanuel Kant round for a bit of a chin-wag the other day and he told me that the meaning of art was that it had no function " charles saatchi
well you can sometimes, what's even the problem, human solutions are ad-hoc, fadish and trickled down, and that might be ok enough, revolutions don't start until they cut of the bread n' cigarettes, plastic bags can't really be the problem, is wooder better that plasticer, perhaps in selfishness there is freedom, with true liberalism you can be unconservative, and even optimistic, but if you represent yourself, do you ethically reflect something broader or reinforce shit, is my experience unique or generic or both, i'm a whitey, girl from a farm, have a couple of degrees, went to boarding school, I've been to Europ, I've rebelled, have I, why do I feeel so damn s p e c i a l
"'death of a scenester is a quarterly zournal (a cross between a zine and a journal) mad in Melbourne that maintains a punk, DIY underground edge, as well as upholding a slicker style. Its ethos is that it would like to strike the ground squarely between a grass-roots zine that promotes the freedom of artistic and individual expression and Realpolitik publications that refer to issues such as the generation gap, design, architecture, music, art, and a host of counter-cultural activities.""""""""""""