sweeeeet little gran a poos. sick with flu a woos. tied her hair up a woos to go to the hairdressser a woos. so stubborn didn't tell she was sick a wooos. had piggy flu a woos. and still lives. so vain so hair. still don't know her agey wooo wooos. studied ikebana a wooo wooos. has mums year twelve pottery out a woo woos. kiss kiss xx

peta! will look into it for you, the remains are with mel at utopian so I dunno. will get on to courier next week, I keep wanting to paint on pipi/yayoi, but I guess that's imorallle cause you already paid yo clams. Today I'm doing a thing for a greatest hits publication for TCB soon. sean has a show there next week. wish yo could of been here for his release the other soir, was swell. Alex and I are are on it, but space is already fully, we have two week install, so maybe we should sit on our hands till then. There is a gambia castle swap comming up-Harriet kate is organising it an wrote a good thing. the drawing up there is from the joint hassles poster show. Egon schiele , no glove no love , rub. will get pip to you soon pup. xx