I'm not denying you Katy Perry - I just think your 'spirit' is wrong.

we were little, but we were doing close. She is so pretty and awkwardly smashing blue stuff onto a fowl mop head in a pus bucket. Isn't that window and not floor cleaner? 'Same shit different bottle', this phrase is now really imporatant to me. She was so pretty, I hadn't noticed how much I had seen it, but I was glad she bought the VB's to seduce me, I was glad we were to young to get into pubs, it was good to stay in the kitchen and drink the cooking vino from the cask and pash. Though weird to drive back to her mums, and sleep in the bunck above her and her boyfriend.

sook sook.
It's surprising that we are friends now, we havn't talked about it then.
I teased your best friend. she had a horrid forrid and I used a fist to mine to show her I'd noticed. Voted school captain, but only aloud to be vice. Or so they said, they said they didn't vote for the other one, mum jumped that it was becasue I wasn't catholic, well she used the word Tike. I thought that word meant Roman Catholic until a few days ago.

I didn't mind, it was more to me to be too bad arse for captain, I only wanted to be Head Girl, cause he got Boy.

When they told us we were chosen I asked 'which one' I meant am I captain or vice? He told me vice. he said it in that way when someone hands you something but hangs onto it for a bit, pulls you in a bit by using your grip on the thing, giving it to you like you kinda don't deserve it, usually there's a lovely "scamp", grin and wink to let you know : by the skin of your teeth and its ok, don't change anyway. but that wasn't here, just the pull in. He was so angry that his schooling had produced kids that loved a brat more than a smart and thoughtful girl who deserved this, I had kinda beat him in his territory. I don't know why I listend to his gesture, but I got the message, I shut up, and have been bored.

Its not always so great if a blog turns into an add for yourself. Yawn. But I like what Helen is up to in this, the invite is too dumb not tho share, and she has kindly included me.


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