x dear pedro almodovar thankyou for reminding me we a are all useless cool idiots x
Rauschenberg  *if you are dealing with multiplicity, variation and inclusion as your content, then any feeling of complete consistency or sameness is a violation of that attitude. I had to try consciously to do a work that would imply the kind of richness and complexity I saw around me*
'Comedy is crazy V's conservative' from Informal Rituals at TCB this year
Fairweather didn't need us
keith was perhaps an arsehole

Balla: frame
bit worried about my lack of scepticism at the moment. Perhaps its a plateau on to something new. New sincere? I keep thinking about that article in the last Un mag about new sincerity, it kinda endeared me to what Melbourne art is like and what I wasn't liking about mine. Pretty scared of irony or my own Po-Mo-ness at the moment. But not totally willing to back expression n sharing. Maybe the lack of wit is about making new friends. About not impressing new acquaintances. Maybe its failing a few things. And it could also be total disbelief instead. Total go away tooouuufffoussand and eight, I want two o o nine cause I am bored. I'm gonna do 200009 paintings till this ssucker is over.  

*when sitting on the floor cutttting up plastics*for their colours*issss still the best*this art thing wont be over soon*and is still angst at core

look at neon parc projects "i dig your voo doo"

!artist statement!
Yeah ! it's really mean with no stuff sometimes, just words, I heart words, or *My Art* is messy, making things grotty like they have gone through time. time. making "your rooms a brothel! ". The last bastiogggne of freedom n anarcky, The World is so square. Square. I like having lots of different mediums and not being very good at any of them. and groups of materials too, wood with plastic is important, it like the crux (crotch) of the problem n world n human beings. I really like painting becasue I am awful at it ! I make art about art becasue I heart art and have hung out with it so long its become my personal life too ! I make art about comming from a farm *cry cry* and going to university and going overseas and once was a hippie and being a white kid , a white daughter *cry cry*!
Hi Kato,
How are you, just wondering if you have been successful with a seat home on Xmas eve - certainly hope so.
Nothing very much happening here - Dad busy spraying grasshoppers - havn't taken to the wing yet but lots coming out of the Bethungra Hills apparently where they laid in the hard ground in Autumn.
Did you back the winner yesterday???
Love u Mum