some one thinks bill donovan is me. its not true ! he is real and not me. living in the US and teaching. we got to be friends cause I wanted to quote his friend dan attoe in whoops kibbutz. x
so the profile picture isnt really me. its chad morgan. my dad always goes on about him. buck teeth. ha ha. i looked up his lyrics sooo racist. but good for me me cause i like the sticky spots. I am looking at a pearl jam cover. I am drunk and thinking the discuss in art in australia was good and  surprising. my friend sweetly sends me all the mags for free. maybe she thinks i need to get smart. x bless her. anyway i left art in aust last. but it had the best interview. and I heart alex baker for saying authenticity is racist. freaking banging and what i am thinink about. heart thazt. xx

your dead meat new space x
x dear pedro almodovar thankyou for reminding me we a are all useless cool idiots x
Rauschenberg  *if you are dealing with multiplicity, variation and inclusion as your content, then any feeling of complete consistency or sameness is a violation of that attitude. I had to try consciously to do a work that would imply the kind of richness and complexity I saw around me*
'Comedy is crazy V's conservative' from Informal Rituals at TCB this year
Fairweather didn't need us
keith was perhaps an arsehole

Balla: frame
bit worried about my lack of scepticism at the moment. Perhaps its a plateau on to something new. New sincere? I keep thinking about that article in the last Un mag about new sincerity, it kinda endeared me to what Melbourne art is like and what I wasn't liking about mine. Pretty scared of irony or my own Po-Mo-ness at the moment. But not totally willing to back expression n sharing. Maybe the lack of wit is about making new friends. About not impressing new acquaintances. Maybe its failing a few things. And it could also be total disbelief instead. Total go away tooouuufffoussand and eight, I want two o o nine cause I am bored. I'm gonna do 200009 paintings till this ssucker is over.  

*when sitting on the floor cutttting up plastics*for their colours*issss still the best*this art thing wont be over soon*and is still angst at core

look at neon parc projects "i dig your voo doo"

!artist statement!
Yeah ! it's really mean with no stuff sometimes, just words, I heart words, or *My Art* is messy, making things grotty like they have gone through time. time. making "your rooms a brothel! ". The last bastiogggne of freedom n anarcky, The World is so square. Square. I like having lots of different mediums and not being very good at any of them. and groups of materials too, wood with plastic is important, it like the crux (crotch) of the problem n world n human beings. I really like painting becasue I am awful at it ! I make art about art becasue I heart art and have hung out with it so long its become my personal life too ! I make art about comming from a farm *cry cry* and going to university and going overseas and once was a hippie and being a white kid , a white daughter *cry cry*!
Hi Kato,
How are you, just wondering if you have been successful with a seat home on Xmas eve - certainly hope so.
Nothing very much happening here - Dad busy spraying grasshoppers - havn't taken to the wing yet but lots coming out of the Bethungra Hills apparently where they laid in the hard ground in Autumn.
Did you back the winner yesterday???
Love u Mum
drawing and priiiint gift show at NG massbbbive V.
Peter Robinson book 1999
oil and oilstick on cardboard

words include

'out getting fags

Boy am I scared hey

our place (over a schwazztisssticckerrr )

missionary position I'd rather fuck you


fish + chips '

I heart that missionary position one, if you got off the frames of Margaret P's kookaburras or Ian fairweather drawing and mount boards this show would float now, heaps contemporary.
are these some things wanted. To be included. To be included so much that your left out a bit and famous. Solo.

Maybe boys are included more often and end up being loners and famous more. What about the boys who feel left out, they are famous for feeling left out. But what do ladies do when they feel left out. They do all girl group shows. They work at community and not loners. this the elephant in the room sometimes become curatorial, the joiner, the habit of the show. In the community, is it ok to crit the work, or is the nobleness of the action to right to point out the crap. Does it all become shit because its being filtered through the elephant in the room. It seems to hurt some boys feelings. hetro. Hamish and Andy were outside my house yesterday. Hamish and Andy are attractive, not hotties, but attractive cause I like a couple of dudes cracking jokes, not that Hamish and Andy have the best jokes, but they fit that mould, the high school mould, I reckon the mould that helps girls get left out, but I am still attracted to it. I kinda want to be included in it, if we were at a party I'd probably try and hang some shit on them. I've been training for this since year seven maths. The jokers get cool and are included so much that they are left out and a bit famous, they are dude soloists and not a community. Serious ones can do it to, but I think the jokers are winning. Rebel Wilson is a girl joker. I wish her heaps well cause i schhoooolllleeed with her and she did some magic tricks for my mum and dad one time. But girls seem to have to crack jokes different. maybe.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I wrote the stuff above before girls girls girls opened. I sat the show Friday and it just became a show with work. I didn't really see the elephant in the room anymore. But did answer a couple of questions about it. on opening night some one said to me 'I should have been in that show' even all girls leaves out.
brown Id holiday.

may anarchy remain, this is how I think about Joint Hassles. this photo looks like angry freedom.

It was good, I want to shake Lane's hand, man to man.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and Denise Smith
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Kate Smith
To most of, but not all of
Mr. Rodney Graham
Wednesday, the ninth of September
Two thousand and eight
at six o'clock in the evening
Anglican Church
went to see Dan Boyd's 'Lets stay together' at Uplands. I wanna name droppppp that I went to art school with the good guy - just to say that I wish him all the best cause I am about to say maybe mean stuff, or just make some awkward notes, I got reminded lately that maybe I need say that my 'tude comes from sometimes knowing someones work over a long time. Perhaps this isn't fair game, but I think its important. It's always a hard thing in making work between repeating yourself v's losing the 'thing'. But perhaps seeing similar imagery and allegorys form Dan here isn't even important, this is his introduction to Melbs, so guess there is room to summarise.

Dan's here to stick some Aboriginal history. I recall that Dan finds his white-no beard-pirates pretty funny. But maybe I find it not too funny, or just one funny, not enough funnys, too much of a one liner for a messy mess, but maybe I want to hideout in the multiples in the mess cause I am white as hell. But I don't think my problem with these works is guilt or accusation. I made a work once that said 'I'm white but I'm alright' perhaps not so funny either, but maybe. I wonder if thoughful criticism of 'indigeneous' work is always curbed by doubt or fear.

But I think the saving grace of the show is the exhibition title work, lets stay together. A lion goes to kill a gizelle, spring bok maybe, South African rugby, South Africa, Africa, Lions. It's dark as, with a lttle grin. I think it manages to house an update in race relations. Perhaps 'lets stay together' is what Rudd proposes with his Sorry speech to the stolen generation (I found Rudds speech surprisingly moving, but the stolen generation is just just a little bit of it). Perhaps Dan rekons its a sinister idea, along the lines of 'you want to build a relationship outta this house of cards?!' like a creepy crap boyfriend trying to get you back. I like this work a lot. No more pirates.

'Ikebana holiday'

'Can't you act like old money'

I'm not denying you Katy Perry - I just think your 'spirit' is wrong.

we were little, but we were doing close. She is so pretty and awkwardly smashing blue stuff onto a fowl mop head in a pus bucket. Isn't that window and not floor cleaner? 'Same shit different bottle', this phrase is now really imporatant to me. She was so pretty, I hadn't noticed how much I had seen it, but I was glad she bought the VB's to seduce me, I was glad we were to young to get into pubs, it was good to stay in the kitchen and drink the cooking vino from the cask and pash. Though weird to drive back to her mums, and sleep in the bunck above her and her boyfriend.

sook sook.
It's surprising that we are friends now, we havn't talked about it then.
I teased your best friend. she had a horrid forrid and I used a fist to mine to show her I'd noticed. Voted school captain, but only aloud to be vice. Or so they said, they said they didn't vote for the other one, mum jumped that it was becasue I wasn't catholic, well she used the word Tike. I thought that word meant Roman Catholic until a few days ago.

I didn't mind, it was more to me to be too bad arse for captain, I only wanted to be Head Girl, cause he got Boy.

When they told us we were chosen I asked 'which one' I meant am I captain or vice? He told me vice. he said it in that way when someone hands you something but hangs onto it for a bit, pulls you in a bit by using your grip on the thing, giving it to you like you kinda don't deserve it, usually there's a lovely "scamp", grin and wink to let you know : by the skin of your teeth and its ok, don't change anyway. but that wasn't here, just the pull in. He was so angry that his schooling had produced kids that loved a brat more than a smart and thoughtful girl who deserved this, I had kinda beat him in his territory. I don't know why I listend to his gesture, but I got the message, I shut up, and have been bored.

Its not always so great if a blog turns into an add for yourself. Yawn. But I like what Helen is up to in this, the invite is too dumb not tho share, and she has kindly included me.


> Trevalyan Clay
> Oliver Hextall
> Claudine Kraan
> Kate Smith
> Andy Vervoorst


> Curated by Helen Johnson
> jointhassles@gmail
> 0407891334

broken things work

always a hand painted car parked out side art schools
Whoops Kibbutz is on until june 14

my dumb show 'Whoops Kibbutz' opens friday the 23rd of may at Utopian Slumps.
David Noonan. Markus 2008 at Roslyn Oxley 9

'yeah, the surface is quite rough and over the duration of the show I have recently noticed a few edges on the different layers beginning to peel back... i really like this. The other thing is that the show has quite an intense smell about it... not a bad one but obviously the hessian has a particular odour and so it reminds me of something industrial yet rustic or parochial. its very cool. and there is a large carpet rug in the space to sort of give you the idea that the space is enveloped in this theatre of material and prints and performance. quite cool.'
Peta Bryant.

A friend emailed these images to me of Loose Cannon by Dan Moynihan
at Victoria Park Gallery.
Its over now, but it was good.

outsider that old chelsnut

Monash Clayton today for oustsider thing. Good work of cause. Peter Fay and Glen Barkley know their you know. Glen and MCA whooooooo! G and P spoke and that was good, its been done in a historical way and this seems to introduce the oustsider thing well and established, because it is. I was weirded out that this was Melbournes first time to this sought of work, I am not sure I a right in feling this, probably just ill informed, but it was a bit 'that old chestnut' to me. I sought of thought MUMA didn't see it as a history thing as much as the curaters did, it was new territory for them. This kind of work was a big part of the Canberra art school experience, we got Home Sweet Home from Peter Fay's collection at NGA pretty early on. Some of us were like new oustsider artists Peter found in a way. Glen did say that now this outsider show has been completed he feels like moving on and bringing that stuff into galleries on equal footing. Good lets get freaking egalitatrian. Its just a shame that its might take the peps longer to get there, they may have just heard the word Oustsider.

But this doesn't take nothing from some awsome works in the show. Especially John Patrick Mckenzie's poetry.
will try to get to Nat Thomas at Until Never Gallery (above misty's). Nat has re-done the fake Rover Thomas' amongst other things. It feels freaking important! and smart cause I think it just might be.      

peter russell clarke
don't worry I keep my diary in myyyyy soullllll

Grace Crowley 1890-1979

'Ena and the Turkeys' 1924
'Absract Painting' 1947

future diet

yellow kibbutz


I found a chromers plastic bag on the way to the studio today,well I imagined it was, but now I think about it some one had built or fixed it to carry a bit of paint, to chrome from? - plastic bag, the ones you buy, not the ones they give you at the supermarket. I picked it up. It's red down in one corner, kinder smashing up to the exit. they had tied a couple of tiny tidy knots to repair holes.

I think I decided it that was a chrome bag cause a boy got on the tram the other day - smashed out - chromer. paint was comming up and out of the corners of his mouth across his skin, the colour was silver, well chrome. It was beautiful.

Meredith Turnbull has a video in the world end show on at the carlton at the moment - she hangs upside down, her face changed by the gravity, she rocks back and forth revealing a full moon, like a sc fi bat in preparation. I am not sure if she is preparing to save or end the world. I like the thought of Meredith bothering to go out into night to get that moon and risk hanging upside down in the park alone.

Van Newton played at the Un magazine relaunch, I was there with a friend from boarding school and she asked me "so are they a covers band, and why is he wearing sunglasses?" I don't think their bad questions, but how do I answer, how do I start from scratch, cause it's dumb to wear sunglasses? I guess that's what galleries do to explain work, they have to start from scratch, and its usually uncomfortable.

reasons to be hetrosexual:
there is a pack of boys who go to the supermarket on swan street after school, they leave their bags at the door, one is a worn out, used to be green country road bag - they've scribbled over the brand, the zipper is broken and open, and some stuff falls out, it's a cheeky stand out in amongst the other private school crest, latin and maron bags.