I am just warming up to writing-I'm worried-Who knows what I might blurt out-
- If I were you I would go and see 'studies for the shape of government 2004-2006' at Victoria Park Gallery, on until th 28 April. It was a shame that it was closed when I went and I could only lean on the window- But i liked it already, just from that. Guy sits down with people and draws 'government'. I think that's really great, and timely for me, just when I have been feeling like a placid piece in a big po-mo hangover, it's nice to see somone do something about something. After leaning on the window I went back up across the road with Jess and Jordy, to a new japaness place- V good.
I think I might go an see Kevin Bloody Wilson a ye local Taberet. Just to satisify that comedy is conservatisim and possibly take some notes, on the inside only.
I went to a brunch this morning for Melbourne artists include in the Ergas collection, if you know it. I can't really write about this yet and not sure if I will- but it was hard for me. And what was it?
But I talked to a girl who will be in the drawing show that Patsy Payne in organising at the ANU gallery- and that made being part of it a bit more real and exciting.
Christopher Koller- gave an artists talk where I work today- sweet (energetic(!!!!)) guy.
One of the best shows I have seen so far here are 'Miles High: Death of the Cool' at VPG last year. crappy liquid nails and gap filler. I know 'Hardware' is kinda the thing now but this was cranky, cranky not aestheitic-k-y cred. artist from sheparton. Vulgar. 5 people at the opening. It was great.

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