old masters (shut up po mo jerk)

peps ask me if I am going to do masters, that's ok, I should just get a better answer, like when people ask about comming from a farm and making art I should answer better, well I have one but it's really long, and if someone doesn't get that they are perfect for each other, dad spinning around on his heals in his workshop trying to find a solution asap is pretty familar, and that second generation intellectuals suck, creativity is a bit lame and adaption better and everyones parents are something else, well it would just take to long to help them get it maybe.

But Masters, I would like to do it if I could get a scholarship. I guess a double degree feels like a lot to have done so I havn't thought about masters, but miss art school a lot. I was not very good at research at art school, in that I would not go to the library with a topic and found the catalogue unsatisfying, the library as a whole was kinda more my topic, I would look at what people had looked at and left on the trolleys, I didn't really like looking at artists who my teachers directed me to casue they were making similar stuff, they suggested artists based on materials not ideas, Its disappointing if your not making in a realtionship to materials way, I kinda needed more advice on artist's as writers and text in work.

Masters seems lonely maybe? And too much navel gazing maybe? Though perhaps I wont be taken seriously unless I do it. Any advice would be welcome, I think their is a secret mannual someplace. I think I have convinced myself I should.

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Kate Smith said...

I take back what I said about second generation intellectuals. you can't live in a city like Melbourne, that has believed and supported art for so long, for some generations and still think that. I've met exceptions.