I'm not denying you Katy Perry - I just think your 'spirit' is wrong.

we were little, but we were doing close. She is so pretty and awkwardly smashing blue stuff onto a fowl mop head in a pus bucket. Isn't that window and not floor cleaner? 'Same shit different bottle', this phrase is now really imporatant to me. She was so pretty, I hadn't noticed how much I had seen it, but I was glad she bought the VB's to seduce me, I was glad we were to young to get into pubs, it was good to stay in the kitchen and drink the cooking vino from the cask and pash. Though weird to drive back to her mums, and sleep in the bunck above her and her boyfriend.


Bill Donovan said...

Kate, your blog looks good.

Anonymous said...

haha that's nice man.

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