are these some things wanted. To be included. To be included so much that your left out a bit and famous. Solo.

Maybe boys are included more often and end up being loners and famous more. What about the boys who feel left out, they are famous for feeling left out. But what do ladies do when they feel left out. They do all girl group shows. They work at community and not loners. this the elephant in the room sometimes become curatorial, the joiner, the habit of the show. In the community, is it ok to crit the work, or is the nobleness of the action to right to point out the crap. Does it all become shit because its being filtered through the elephant in the room. It seems to hurt some boys feelings. hetro. Hamish and Andy were outside my house yesterday. Hamish and Andy are attractive, not hotties, but attractive cause I like a couple of dudes cracking jokes, not that Hamish and Andy have the best jokes, but they fit that mould, the high school mould, I reckon the mould that helps girls get left out, but I am still attracted to it. I kinda want to be included in it, if we were at a party I'd probably try and hang some shit on them. I've been training for this since year seven maths. The jokers get cool and are included so much that they are left out and a bit famous, they are dude soloists and not a community. Serious ones can do it to, but I think the jokers are winning. Rebel Wilson is a girl joker. I wish her heaps well cause i schhoooolllleeed with her and she did some magic tricks for my mum and dad one time. But girls seem to have to crack jokes different. maybe.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I wrote the stuff above before girls girls girls opened. I sat the show Friday and it just became a show with work. I didn't really see the elephant in the room anymore. But did answer a couple of questions about it. on opening night some one said to me 'I should have been in that show' even all girls leaves out.


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