so the profile picture isnt really me. its chad morgan. my dad always goes on about him. buck teeth. ha ha. i looked up his lyrics sooo racist. but good for me me cause i like the sticky spots. I am looking at a pearl jam cover. I am drunk and thinking the discuss in art in australia was good and  surprising. my friend sweetly sends me all the mags for free. maybe she thinks i need to get smart. x bless her. anyway i left art in aust last. but it had the best interview. and I heart alex baker for saying authenticity is racist. freaking banging and what i am thinink about. heart thazt. xx


Bill Donovan said...

You write well Kate.

The hardest thing for me about getting smart was to learn to trust what I was thinking.

Peta said...

if I wanted to make you smarter I would send you something a little less biased and more academic than A&A ;) x