Ralph Lauren-tough name
Ralph is Jewish, what do you think about it boarding school

"My given name has the word shit in it. When I was a kid, the other kids would make a lot of fun of me. It was a tough name. That's why I decided to change it. Then people said, 'Did you change your name because you don't want to be Jewish?' I said, 'Absolutely not. That's not what it's about.'"

Ralph Lauren-keep it real

'It goes almost without saying that he lives through his creations, which are dreams fulfilled.
"I designed safari clothes before I went on safari, English clothes before I went to England, the Russian look before I went to Russia."
He has often been disappointed in his travel-England was not quite English enough, French youths have adopted American rap fashions, and the Colorado he first saw had lost many of the traditional trappings of the Old West'

I find travel very disappointing too. x

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