Free Association, Tracey.

so saw Tracey Emin on Dame Edna last night - and she talked about her column. So here is the link. I like how she talks about being 80.
It's nice chatty writing reminds me a bit of Anna, and Jess's writing for 'funny ha ha', how making are you don't have to get over it and peps can't tell you to. Hope I got it right Jess!! The pic of Tracey with the flag is from Art and the one below, a lego Emin bed is from the Liverpool museum website.
So that's enough name dropping for now - but just one more below in Elvis looking at my work at First Draft. The opening of clip art was nice. I think it's a good show, the work of Soda Jerk and Sam Smith was great and I love Elvis' 'please stand by'. Went to arts project the next day and saw a set up for a Beuys re -do. Heard a Venice report. They slammed Emin! But described a great Sarah Lucas work not in the Bienallie but at the same time. then went to Peloton to find Giles Ryder on with 'some kind of electric' - It's pretty 'free' work! A really nice space.

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