Jess Johnson's FUNNY HA HA at The Narrows. It's great. The works slides around together gently. Themed shows can be difficult, by Funny Ha Ha is not, its very comfortable, it's very open. You are included. Jess's drawings gather momentum as they gather and get larger. They are unframed and accessible. The show has lines and flat spaces, it does not model in 3D. It's breathy. And then there is a sculpture in the corner, just out to the centre. Placed well. What Jess has written for the show does not strain itself to justify, or force the show, its affectionate to their creative bond. Jess writes so swell.

I think The Narrows is my favourite space in town. The concept of an independent work for a poster print run come invitation generously funded be Warren Taylor is 'project' and exciting.

Octopus at Gertrude Street is a better show that I have seen there. Some times I just think what are you up to Gertrude? Whatever Gertrude. Geoff Newton's 'Music for Eyes' is one of the funniest things I have ever clapped ears on. His wood chip challenge is a nutcase. His exaggeration of 'that' pole, his admission to that pole being there is so gorgeous. He bothered to deal with it. Others have tried on failed. the framed pics on food pics are unshackled, the photos rough, the straight up snap shot, like you get developed at the chemist, not a retro Polaroid not a jumbo print lush cause you can. I think these free associate, stuff liked put together, this is art with out words at its better.

P.s. sorry but I don't really like Ashley Crawford's email address. crawDADA ! What was he thinking. but I guess email addresses can haunt you from the past hey. from how you were then.

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