Viv Binns - sorry I am not sure of the titles, the one below is with Derrick O'connor too. I have been thinking about Viv so much. The catalogue for her recent retrospective is such a nice one - it holds in it her - if that makes sense ? I geuss I mean that it is less theoretical and more of a lifesyle explained. She's a trippy dynamo. Does the cosmic thing with gravity maybe, that psycadellic thing that we are doing with as much substance as designs for T-shirts maybe. She is so encouraging. I keep thinking about the weird carpark conversation I had with her after my honours assesment - bless her she really went in to bat for me - she did this smart thing I hadn't thought of - I would always have to answer for my choice of materials and would flop around in answering - but Viv managed to couch my using cardboard in Art History - she linked it to the modernists - one of there revolutions was to use cardboard - Picasso - so its actually a dated, daggy scrappy thing to use and not a cool kid thing to do, I didn't wish to be reactionary - I wasn't using cardboard to stick it to the establishment - how boring - but I was just a bit shy about making - and always feel a bit in between - not really and artist - but just want to think about art through making - anyways, Viv helped me get that across in my assessment - and I think she enjoyed the process we had this conversation wher she explained that after her initial show and the attention she had to shake it off and be a hedonist - what a lovely hedonist, it doesn't seem to be about self indulgence, but community projects and ladies. I miss those art school conversations - speaking in a egoless idea place. So I think about her choice a lot as I screw it up in this art town.

It's dissapointing, I thought of all the places in the world - you could be confussed- it would be in the 'art world' - but you can't you have to know stuff there too. Poor me ! I'll go now, sorry xo

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