went to DAMP opening last night at Uplands - it was neat - something that you didn't expect - not junky and youf at all - georgeous 'monumental' marble hand painted from a Better Homes and Gardens craft mannual- a sturdy constrction with chairs screwed on top, with just enough gap between it and the ceiling for sitting - outsider attempts to mount sent the gallerist scurring for release forms - Uplands is a great space with theh window blocked out - I love the parketry -parquetry? (spelling!!) floor, like the Lourve! a swell essay by miss Forde - collective stuff is funny in that we, well I, still try and pick apart who did what and and people involved lay claim to what they did - like on the invite I was trying to place each set of feet - a few people told me who did what- a few people seem to have painted all the marble - people told me their friend is in the show and it was their friends idea etc etc, I still wanna know these things, we wanna be included, it is sought of a ratio with the groups attempt to dissolve individuals. So apparentley they are going to have meetings on top of their construction and we are welcome to come watch, pop our head up and look at their feet. I think I might need to go there to sit down cause the studio chairs are all up there, on top.

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