Elvis Richardson at Utopian Slumps

Opens Friday 1 Feb at Utopian Slumps. Whoop!

also Michael Ciavarella, Ross Coulter, Deven Marriner and Laith McGregor are in a show called Fuck Your Heroes, opening at West Space the night before, sounds tuff.


Bill Donovan said...

Hi, I put your blog on the dmoz list under Arts/Weblogs.

I am the editor.

I like your blog, and the images on it.

Bill Donovan said...
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Kate Smith said...

hey thanks, yeah I found your blog too and its on my links - especially like the abstract digital stuff.

Bill Donovan said...

Kate, Dan writes all of the stuff he puts on paintings. He is really creative, you can probably tell that already... He makes tents with words sewn into the fabric, and neon sculptures that have both words and drawing type imagery.

If you like my digital abstractions you should look at Josh Podoll paintings, because he is much better at making that type of image than I am. If you google the Feature Inc gallery, he is one of the artists there. I think I have a link on my blog too.



Anonymous said...

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