'Comedy is crazy V's conservative' from Informal Rituals at TCB this year
Fairweather didn't need us
keith was perhaps an arsehole

Balla: frame
bit worried about my lack of scepticism at the moment. Perhaps its a plateau on to something new. New sincere? I keep thinking about that article in the last Un mag about new sincerity, it kinda endeared me to what Melbourne art is like and what I wasn't liking about mine. Pretty scared of irony or my own Po-Mo-ness at the moment. But not totally willing to back expression n sharing. Maybe the lack of wit is about making new friends. About not impressing new acquaintances. Maybe its failing a few things. And it could also be total disbelief instead. Total go away tooouuufffoussand and eight, I want two o o nine cause I am bored. I'm gonna do 200009 paintings till this ssucker is over.  

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Bill Donovan said...

transformation is the new irony. One idea-thing turning into a new idea-thing, and the viewer is meant to puzzle out the meaning.