!artist statement!
Yeah ! it's really mean with no stuff sometimes, just words, I heart words, or *My Art* is messy, making things grotty like they have gone through time. time. making "your rooms a brothel! ". The last bastiogggne of freedom n anarcky, The World is so square. Square. I like having lots of different mediums and not being very good at any of them. and groups of materials too, wood with plastic is important, it like the crux (crotch) of the problem n world n human beings. I really like painting becasue I am awful at it ! I make art about art becasue I heart art and have hung out with it so long its become my personal life too ! I make art about comming from a farm *cry cry* and going to university and going overseas and once was a hippie and being a white kid , a white daughter *cry cry*!


Charlie said...

I like this statement.

Yes, I've noticed that you always seem to be in a bit of a tangle - with your materials, with everything. Sometimes I can see that you've back-tracked or changed your mind a few times. It's a human kind of mess, uncomfortable, the sort of stuff most people put away. you bring it out.

Kate Smith said...

thank you sofo. That's real nice. I wanna see you soon.