In between Anais Nin, found this

we keeps talking about irony...maybe I have had enough of that? But is the peak of it (the prick of it) or the everyday of it, the sunday newspaper magazine article on it ( i stole that idea) where it ends up something like this...
::::: The apartment is full of furnishings I find individually ugly - silver candelabra, tables with nooks for trailing flowers, enormous mulberry satin poufs, rococo objects, things full of chic, collected with snobbish playfulness, as if to say, 'We can make fun of everything created by fashion, we are above it all.'
everything is touched with aristocratic impudence::::: 

this is not enough, but a start. 


MonkAre said...

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Bill Donovan said...

Kate, what is this meant to mean? Maybe you are a poet. You should make paintings like you write, the language is awesome. Have you ever seen/read a John Ashbury poem?

Kate Smith said...

its a quote from Anais Nin.
I'm just thinking about affluence and knowledge I guess. Or how do UNIVERSITY ideas end up out with the peps. Ladies in my family are really good at a kind of ikebana. And I don't mean the troof or innocence of ignorance. But what happens after a while when the ideas get out there. what do movements end up in the everyday.


This piece of writing though older than now fits in really well to talk about educated po-mo youngish people. And maybe that position of irony is a bit dated. And I'm a bit over the cofidience is the best I can come up with.

but then hey this has always been happening, cause here is an old piece of writing to back it up.

and maybe it always goes with money.
????????????????????????? I don't know