obsessssed with Alex Vivians Farking-beautiful smoodgy hangover at Neon Parc.

going through old diaries.
...The farm is sawn outta optimism. All the inherited paintings are shit n muddy. Except for the the Parriultcha. Mum keeps asking me to get it valued.I can't get myself to follow that up. Mum is good at farm art rustica, poly pipe, wreaths, rust, rocks, she paints everthing black. This is typical, but everything is so brute macho and oversized its good.
Ripped up old lino that was over 50's womens weekleys.
There were articles about when plastic was invented. Plastic was awesome future. Snake oil to a po-mo hangover.


Bill Donovan said...

Kate, you write so beautifully - everything is a dizzying prose. Can you post this to my blog too?

Kate Smith said...

now i feel like a bit of a sap. does N y need to read that? this is getting outta controllll bill! *just joking* will post it