haven't written so much

hope you can kinda see this blurry thing. 'po-mo hangover 2007'

the complaints choir have been going to complaints choir practice, part of the constructed world show at acca. we've been trying to sing and i feel like I'm just getting worse and worse and can't get the words out- i just kinda mangle them into a blur- its a funny process- I am enjoying practice- but I get so angry - i think it neat to listen to Geoff and Jackies language, I guess you'd call it. facilitator lingo. I really like them- i think they are really generous it doesn't feel like and experiment, with some kind of awful irony bit, a bit where its so funny to put non-artists into a gallery space, they are not removed, but theyhave to tread in a way that allows it to be a project of the peps and not a thing led by them. I just tried to work on the words but am having trouble remebering to tune- hopefully no one I know comes to the performance!!

going to have a look at studio on monday night hopefully, I am a bit superstitious that by mentioning it it will ot turn out or be to tiny. I hope it comes true. they have told me it has a window and I have this corny-ass image in myself sitting at a desk on a loverly grey drizzly day gazing out of it. And Being really productive also!! I would love it if this one turned out to be less lonley than the last one.

My mum is coming to visit over monday and tues. She will be staying in my little lean to sheddy. I have not made some work to post to Canberra yet for a show- -- and I realised the Meyer's place display wall is bigger than I thought- I think I will go and have a look at it after work to get a better idea. Its not that big a deal, but I am nervous.

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