Need cancels-out desire.

Lyndal Walker no expectations Murray White Room, Sargood Lane (enter off Exhibition Street).

I am not sure how to slam this show nicely. But that's what I want to do. Becasue Lyndal has been nice...
But what I think about no expectations goes with my opinion of it all at the moment. It is perhaps unfair to make one artist shoulder all of this. But I can't help it. It's all magazines and 'youf' cred to me.

I have just re-read the roomsheet, titles and prices, and once again without Fahey's written explination I would not have noticed the Po-Mo love. Fahey is heartfelt, it's good. Once again I prefer thinking about these ideas rather than the work, the works are artefacts that fall short of the written piece.

This is a lazy show. Murray White called Walker yesterday and said 'your up', so Walker downloaded the last 7 shots on her camera and spent to much on having them developed. Maybe? Or maybe not, she thought about the models. Walker has once again (like her young dudes in udies series) used models to stand in as content. They don't do much, and they know they are being photographed. Walker has photographed someone's graffiti, and rather than the sad, sprayed message of love lost working on me I can only think about the weirdness of this. The photo is not itself, But a drag of something else, someone else into the gallery. And in this case a moment more open and honest than Walker's work. this was the only picture I wanted to look at, but because of the wall writters font. This show is a slick tribute to a 'love' that has nothing to do with me, it's missing experience and grit, and maybe at least...25 years worth of experience? How old are we? Nor does it make it over to the other way and be funny. Its a mess of kinda-documentry photography and lost opportunities with models. Maybe don't try with the content no more?

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