Saturday after

Utopian Slumps, on Easy St, last night to see 'this is not a love schlong' by Jess Johnson and Jordan Marini. Its good. I really like Jess's bigger version of what she does, drawing, and the inclusion of some 'poetic' horseys, breaks in the uncomfort of the other drawings, liked all the animals actually, disturbing monkeys and a poor sheepy being used to experiment a chemical shearing process maybe?, so farmers don't have to pay sheares, awsome, so the pooorest village dudes, with only there backs to offer in exchange for money, can go without, maybe? sorry farm rant, but this chemical shearing thing is funny to, the sheepys get some chemicals and then wear plastic bags, or more like onion bags, or old lady string bags around the paddock to catch onto the wool as it falls off, and it sought of tuffs out the side, they are bagged in themselves? 'wearing' their own coat, heee, and then the farmer can just take of there little string coats and get the wool, but maybe a couple of the sheares would get some work helping doing that, and it wouldn't hurt their back so much? I got an inclusion in Jess's wall of drawings and collected things.wooo. Jordy Marini- so good to see it out there- this lad knows a gallery space, you can tell in the details, the black- diorama - back drops, they set scenes. I think seeing this work get done at home makes a difference to how i view it, but i think that's the thing i noticed most, a kind of in between extraction into the the white cube. I love the white cube for that actually.

The night before I went to Blindside on level 7 of the nicholson building, great lift, liked seeing into all the studios work spaces in there, Anna Kloses stuff was the only thing I wanted to look at. I liked the revision-hindsight in these vids, admitting to shit works. I swing in my opion of what she is doing- but i was really stoked to hear that, for Anna's floor talk at ACCA some one had asked the question- do you have to keep sad to get it done, what happens whaen you get happy? Anna didn't Answer- but a friend Rose did - and she used something that I had said to stick up for her- She said that the thing of the work is not sadness- but honesty- and that honesty can continue no matter what the content. Am i right? i don't know. There was a guy at the bottom of a plster wall stack, saw him climb out scrathed, saw his y-fronts, is he ther artist or just a model? Dumb Q i guess. I heard the quote generator, not doing it. Shame on you. heeeeeeee. Actually I listened to her tell a sad tale about fucking a quote from and English writer to an english man. She is showing in two places at the moment VCA also. Why. Bit harsh maybe- actually i like idea in the VCA work, portaits of strangers and then making out with them, funny and cafe thing. Another work- Artist in bath freezing his johnson until teeny tiny and then casting it is very very funny now thinking back- filmed by 'ex-girlfriend' apparently, no name just ex girlfriend, poor ex girlfriend. Or did she shoot through after seeing his little tiny manny wanny hood? I guess that's the point.

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