silly blogger: it has posted yesterdays post under on old one. silly Sunday people at the gallery. Go home. Leave me to my volunteer-free peace. why arn't they at home hung over or having sex or groaning or something.

this is my most favourite guy at the moment. Silly bugger red carpet mucking up. Oloaf Breuning, sorry about the spelling, is another favourite silly bugger at the moment. pills n Backpacker culture mash-up, shit on, Its youf ex-pat party kinda, Damn! his stuff is a younger, cooler, boy version of mine. Maybe. But I take it seriously to- I think that irreverance for 'culture' and mystacism and history is in the end UN-patronising. A great anti to faux and belittling 'different cultures' appreciation. Not the tidying up that happens packaging a country and how the people live there, for travellers. I geuss i am interested in what australians do to theselves when they travel. How they present and exaggerate and carry around vegemite.

Sending photos to Canberra tomorrow. In a sponsor Vineyard show case (he he). Said goodbye to Boss Jane last night, it felt flat.

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