my head hurts heaps. caught up with that great lady Amita Kip and that clay guy last night. Kinda let jess down a bit, I feel bad, she had asked some boys to come with us to a party next door, but we went to hells for a brew on the way and got stuck there. Whoops! Ended up being just Amita and I and two boys. We did good cop bad cop, they kinda did the same. I am the Nice one and Kip was the insulta one, she is really good at it. Its her way of making mates! i kissed a boy. whoops! oh well! Oh No! i have to see him again real soon, yikes!!!

Went to accccccccca last night. I like the crappyness a lot, and don't mind the reading at all. Liked seeing acca be projecty, activity. like the content free form, free fall, thing they do, it opens out, its not a clear show all boxed like a paragraph up with a roommmy sheeety to sew it up good.
liked their daggy dancing in the back room - saw a penis, they are so gros aren't they! but that was hilarious-- a bit like the expression, just get on with it, or just get to it, its just an awsome summary of life and power, maybe.
want to go back to read it all well. Maybe being involved in the choir helped me get the show, maybe others don't have that access. whatever.
oh god! choir performance tomorrow------------------sorry no pics, but the greens fun right?

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