red and green

  • above is the work of another Kate Smith. papillon thats french for butterfly you know. Her artist statement includes "Red is an exquisite ambassador for love and passion. ... Red cannot be defined...." I oddly kinda this kate smith, she is just like me at 13/14,, or even older but i don't want to admit it! pastels included.above 'free assosciation' from Joint Hassels.
    my work made it to canberra and is now up at Mt. Majura. Have tried out some photo's this time.

    its been V-cold to socialise and have not felt like it, it has been nicer to stay at home, keep warm, wear pj's, eat as much as I can, and snuggle into blue flannel sheets that mum has so kindly posted. I think visiting my sheddy-house a couple of weeks ago has shocked here into postage action.

    so, not going out much, but will go to Rose's screening at Loop bar, opposite Meyers Pl, of videos' she Jess and Meredith selected for a show in NZ. So some will be re-runs for locals, but i think its a nice group of stuffs.

    part of not going out to much- or just not trying way to hard to do everything! has been not trying to make work- deliberately leaving it alone for. well I originally said two weeks, but that two weeks has been going on for a while.... juts haven't stopped forcing it since school! just need to get over it and stop taking myself so seriously.

    looked at Bus studio, an after being really excited, and saying yes, whoops! Am not sure if I want to take it, but there is no lease or bond, sooo, I don't think I will take it. Something cheaper has come up and I might give that a go, also its with more people around in a big open plan place, and people I like. I think I get enough quite time at home if I want it, and have really missed school. I know that's pathetic, two years on! And when I was at school I liked to isolate myself - but hey the grass is allowed to always be greener. rigggggggght.

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