old draft post and new one.

J O C K-T H O M A S-Smith my brother was in town saturday night. With his mate Charles. His nickname is Shotgun. We went to hells kitchen and boozed and danced a little. I woke the next day wincing at hasseling the bar staff to play Fleetwood Mac. Oh dear. The manager told Jock and I pretty cranky with us " we don't do dancing here" how funny. how true.
sorry sorry have not been writing so often. Went to see Pilot Projects screening of Melbourne Operatic a show that is over in New Zealand* at the moment. It was good - I liked seeing anna's video for her nanna again, and others didn't seem to notice seeing it again. I miss that in contemporay art and commerical shows, that you can't see something again. I think Kate and Michael's? (not sure if that is right) video was great. filmed on and mobile phone and made crappy by the tranfer to dvd i geuss. I liked that about it. (techno entropy? what!!??)it's a boy girl struggle - even more than a struggle and I geuss maybe you don't get that until the sound track stops and you can hear Kate's uncomfortable noises or maybe you notice earlier that they are not kissing/making out. I like how the song stops short of the video finishing. Have had that song, 'she's like the wind' stuck in my head since. It has some almost awkward, lyrics "she's outta my league" "I'm just a fool to beleive I have anything she needs". Plus the Dirty Dancing story, all these things are in it.

And I can not not metion the excellent Tom foolery of Ross.

*My little brother visited recently, he was talking about his time in New Zealand that he had gotten so drunk he had slept in a park in Christchurch overnight, funny boy-o.

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