farm land

these poor cats are not really tame - ferrals that dad has fallen in love with - he forces them inside- stands at the door waiting for them to come in and when they don't goes out and chases them and brings them inside. nuts. Then they get patting practice - held agianst their will on the dad's lap - their awkward and still and don't really give in to it. This has been going on for years since the little puss boys were kittens - their called bon and sai (bonsai ha ha). And they have some weird thing that makes there back ends sway, knocking themselves over often. We tease them about being pissed. Anyway, on the last trip home I have to report the progress - they are finally getting friendly and will willingly curl up on dad and follow you around were you go in the house. Dad's weird persistent love has paid off - payed out with two boozy falling boy brother cats.

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