if I fall on my face, it will be ok, it knows what to do!

quick quick get writing before to hangover slumps on you! its just starting to get busy in the cafe, that pretty pocket of just me and the rowdy cafe kids has gone. It feels irreseponsible here on the weekend, just me and the kids, no adults to supervise and keep it sensible, no real people. Jake and the cafe girls amp up on saturdays, flirting and chucking stuff around, juiced up with last nights booze and stories. And On Saturdays, there is Betty my favourite volunteer, she turns 80 at the end of August. She is blunt, but so softly spoken with a slow gentle Canadian accent that it is just so freaking adorable! It feels like home today, I can't leave this job. I would miss the computer so much. On Saturdays, I make my own coffee before the gallery opens, I make it slowlllllly, slowly squealing to coffee warm, gently patting the tiny jugs bum to counter to pack the milk down creamy, poor it in a squeezy way, squeeze it under the coffee shot skin so it plumps up but doesn't break. caramel ring and white white milk. It's lovley to change, to change back to milk after soy for so long.

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