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oh my my, i just checked the polly and there a 6 votes! better pick up the standard- jeeezzz -

no thinking, no talking 2007

  • There is a song that plays at work, I hear it a couple of times a day, it's not so good - but some lyrics are "I'm not a soldier" chanted over as a chorus- I like that - I am daggy with music, you perhaps know who it is? 'I will endeavour to get over myself more' is also a bit of a catch phrase of the day to, well the end of the day, to fix up the first half of the day!

  • My work comes down from Meyers Place today

  • So excited about my new studio and group show in the Sydney Town

  • Wish wish I could go to Neon Parc opening tomorrow, but we have an opening at work to of Lee Miller, uncomfortable stuff from WWII (that that abbreviation exists awful) - Paul Knights stuff really does it for me, in a scares the bejesus out of me and feel a bit sick and sad - like an inherited sadness or a heading towards sadness. How does he get them to do that? He is the only photographer who knows how to use models I think.
  • and there looks like there is a good one opening on the same night, above the carlton hotel by the lead guy from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, I have to tell JEss.
  • Bethany somfink? is throwing taco's at helen hunt in the hell's kitchen alleyway? Don't know about this, if it's dumb or not, speaking of hell's kitchen I might just have crush on the Moustache-y barman at hell's who calls me Fleetwood Mac....perhaps perhaps
  • What is this like a mysapce wall whatever? whoops! I am just excited casue I have friday off. will be nice
  • David Griggs! David Griggs! at Uplands on friday woooooooooo! i told someone about this opening and they got really excited, it's nice to see that. bless the newcomers with their unjaded hearts.
  • wanna go to fab diamonds gig that night tooo ...

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