Giorgio Morandi (1880 - 1964)

these are simple. Called 'still life' or 'natura morta' and are by the lovely Mr. Giorgio Morandi. He is always explained as, unsung, but I think people know, they just know about him quietly, and I think that suits him. They are so gentle, and the little glazed things are kissing and touching. Its free isn't it, he just let painting and paint in - and didn't worry about it - don't Po Mo on about it - just accepted it and worked it, again and again. I think that's delicious. and modest. Lucky painters.
I think he did things to Luc Tuymans pallet too. Tuymans had his first show in the empty deep end of a swimming pool. Glenn Sorensen at Kaliman now, has painted in that Tuymans way, but not so good, not so good painting.

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