so there was an article in the paper today that describes one of Paul Knights photo's at a Neon Parc as two folks cupping poo smells or something along those lines, I didn't get such a precisie thing, more just a grotty -whoops didn't mean to be alive-it just happened to me- struggle, but I don't mind if it is that, as the day goes on it growing on me, I just hope that neon parc got to feed that to the paper and he didn't just make it up. I think Paul Knights titles are beatiful - sad.

'why do all the canberra people have to stick together' we hang out because we are friends. I am sure that everyone hase moved here for new things, and a new sized town and yes, maybe even a re-distribution f friends, but that cycles around in Can to. But I geuss moving to Melbs is not about burning bridges "HELLO MY NEW FANTASTIC LIFE _ HERE I AM WORLD!" style. That's a quote from sweet Dan bello-o who has been in town for the last couple of days, really nice to have him here, surprise style, and miss Margareeeeeeeettt. ANd welcome Tim-boon too.


check out what the gertude resident has to say about ussssss.

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nectarine said...

That article your linked made me want to comment, but it requires logging in bleh.. I quite liked her summary of Australia.