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so someone has posted a weird comment as a link on my last post - it hooks up to a page that says 'kato's attack and kill". nuts. I've seen this dooozey before. Hope they were joking, pretty sure they were or they are wak. But the thing is this time I can't quite work out who posted it. know its a canberra kid, still living there, but which one. There blog is actually pretty good, intense, but good writing.

Went to Uplands last night to see David Griggs, it was a good night in a cold wet slowed down way. I don't feel that excited to write about Griggs. It may take a couple of days, or not. God it was big - and so are the price tags.....but your not meant to notice the bickys right (how). I missed his bits of magazines stuck onto it, but they were good - good dvd, don't know about the sculpture, but what the heck. But I guess what interests me is - is it comfortable or uncomfortable, his relationship with the people he has met in Manila and collaborated with? The co-author of these works doesn't get a Guernsey - doesn't get a name, Lerma in the room sheet writes 'commissioned from a movie advertisement painter the artist befriended in Manila' . I find this a bit not so great. But perhaps this is petty and says more about the writer of the room sheet than Griggs intentions. Perhaps it's not a collaboration but the same as any artists that commisions skills from others to get there work made, and theses people are nvere credited (Koons, Piccinini) But this thing brings to mind Daniaus (sp?) and his East Timor caper. But I have to admit that conflict in East Timor is clearer to me than what it is in the Philippines. And these are not reasons to not have the works/actions around. I am attracted by the content - that someone, these artists have noticed it. Stuffs always a project - a go at something. But maybe I need to do my research. Perhaps I am not so good. perhaps I am the one outta line - all those artists who go up there are the same and up there is all the same big messy Asia. But scooping it up and brining it back?

So maybe this is Griggs thing in a way - not the facts of what's happening in Manila - he mucks with the third world?


poppy malik said...

we've only met once, i think, at an opening you had in manuka. i might have been wearing a blue coat.
anyway, someone showed me your blog and i read it, but then i felt guilty, like i was being secretive, not telling you, see. and then i saw a truck that said 'kato' and that book, and maybe they were signs. or they made me think about commenting. but i didn't know what to say. if i could've sent you a picture of the truck, i would have.
i don't know.

Kate Smith said...

I've seen that truck to, I like it, I think I've worked out who you are - and I don't mind if you have lookd at my dumb blog, I don't get to private really, yesss I know what you mean about that secretive feeling should I mention what i read or not - weird public diary - helps thinking I geuss.